Your Christmas Shopping List

Whilst academic gifts may not come top of your child’s Christmas list this year, it is a good time to double check that they are ready for the year ahead, especially if they have public examinations this year. Here are a few suggestions of English related presents you can sneak under the tree this Christmas! 

The E-Reader 

Looking for a bigger present option? A lot of teenagers prefer using an e-reader for their reading. There are advantages to reading on a device like this, for example students with dyslexia can alter the font type and size to make it easier to read. Plus, they can look up definitions of tricky words straightaway, rather than having to go and look them up. Not to mention the convenience of being able to carry multiple books around with you in just one small device. The Amazon Kindle is the market leader for the e-reader, but there are cheaper models on the market as well. If your child is a reluctant reader, this could be just what they need. 

Highlighter Pens

The highlighter pen is definitely mightier than the sword when it comes to school work! These are so useful to help students when they need to read and analyse pieces of text for their school work, and they can also be very helpful for revision. It is common for students to feel overwhelmed when they are confronted with large pieces of text, so teaching them to use a highlighter to pick out keywords is definitely worthwhile.  

Post-it Notes 

Another great little tool that can make a big difference to students in their work. Post-it notes are great for planning pieces of work, since they can be easily moved around and discarded if the student changes their mind about including it in their work.  

Index Cards 

I always used to make use of index cards in my revision. They are so handy because you can make different sets of notes, and write on both sides. You could have a key term and then write the definition on the back for example. They can also be very helpful if your child is revising quotations for their English examinations. I also like them as they are portable, so if your child has a spare ten minutes waiting at the bus stop, they have no excuse not to sneak in an extra few minutes of revision. 

Affirmation Cards 

If your child struggles with their confidence and self esteem, then affirmation cards are a great way to help them. Affirmations are incredibly powerful, since they can help the brain rewire itself and reverse the negative thought patterns that people sometimes get caught in. There are so many fantastic products out there that can help with your child’s confidence, and these cards make a lovely stocking filler idea. 


This can be another tool to help your child with their mental wellbeing. Journaling is a fantastic daily practice and it can allow us to process our thoughts and emotions. Sometimes, if we have a difficult decision to make, journaling our thoughts can help us uncover subconscious ideas that could help us to understand what we really think and feel about something. Often when we have written our thoughts down, we feel so much better afterwards, as it gives us a sense of release. 

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