An Inspector Calls – The Blame Game

An Inspector Calls is a play deliberately designed to elicit a strong response from the audience. As a deeply political writer, Priestley wants his audience to eschew the callous, selfish principles of the Birling family and embrace social responsibility. Writing in 1945, at the end of the Second World War, Priestley saw the potential forContinue reading “An Inspector Calls – The Blame Game”

Five Reasons to Write Spooky Stories

One of the questions I am often asked by students is which genre to pick when writing a story. I have always leaned strongly towards horror and Gothic as one of the most successful genres students can choose. It allows them to showcase many of the skills that GCSE examiners are looking for, as wellContinue reading “Five Reasons to Write Spooky Stories”

Writing a Personal Statement

It is that time of year again when the UCAS deadlines begin to loom, and students turn their attention towards that all important five hundred words. Universities place a great deal of importance on their personal statement, and that is why it is vital that students get it right. As a former sixth form tutor,Continue reading “Writing a Personal Statement”

The secret of a great vocabulary

Having a well-developed vocabulary is an essential part of GCSE English. Examiners are looking for evidence of ambitious vocabulary choices in extended writing pieces, and well-selected words can also make a significant difference to the clarity of reading analysis pieces. Students need to show evidence of a mature critical style in order to achieve theContinue reading “The secret of a great vocabulary”

What laziness might really be about

Having spent my career so far working with teenagers, I know that they can be simultaneously the most rewarding and the most trying age group to work with. As both a teacher and a parent I have been guilty  of using the label “lazy” for children, rather than thinking about the reasons behind this behaviour.Continue reading “What laziness might really be about”

Five tips on dealing with exam disappointment

It is the results season, and next week will see a Results Day like no other. For the first time ever, GCSE and A Level results are coming out in the same week, which means it is going to be an intense one!  Despite the hard work of both students and teachers this year, thereContinue reading “Five tips on dealing with exam disappointment”

Strategies for Dyspraxia

Dyspraxia comes under the umbrella of developmental coordination disorder and is believed to affect six to ten percent of all children. It causes difficulties with coordination and organisation, as well as issues with social skills and inference. Dyspraxia can make secondary school an extremely stressful place to be and this can be highly frustrating toContinue reading “Strategies for Dyspraxia”