The Writer’s Club

If you are looking for a fun way to improve your child’s English performance and their confidence, then Writer’s Club is the place to be! Each half term, we will focus on a different genre of writing. The first half term’s theme is going to be Fantasy Writing. As well as boosting writing skills, we will also be encouraging perceptive reading skills by looking at examples of other writers who have mastered each genre. 

This small group class is perfect for students who need additional support with writing skills in English. If you would like to build your child’s confidence, help them catch up or provide them with an additional level of challenge in order to improve their grades in English, then this class will help. The sessions will be led by an experienced and qualified secondary English teacher, with many years of experience helping students fulfil their potential in English, Through fun and creative activities, students will learn how to construct, develop and extend effective pieces of writing that will wow their teachers/examiners. 

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