Programmed for Success – the Growth Mindset Challenge

Have you ever heard your child say “I cannot do this work”? Or “I am rubbish at Maths/English/History and I am never going to get better?” Or “there is no point in trying, it is just too hard”? 

These are all really common responses, but  this fixed mindset makes it much harder to learn new skills and could be holding your child back. The good news is that our brains are amazingly complex machines that can be reprogrammed. Once your child has learnt the habits of a growth mindset, they will feel so much more confident in tackling their school work, and taking on new challenges. They will learn not to fear stepping out of their comfort zone, but instead to embrace learning opportunities. 

In this five day challenge, there will be a short live video and a handout, with more suggestions on quick tasks your child can do everyday to cultivate their new growth mindset. The challenge is designed to run alongside home learning, and will help your child to persevere even in these tough times.

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