Reach for the Stars GCSE English Workshop

Is your child hoping to achieve the top grades in GCSE English, but struggling to understand exactly what is required?

 Does your child have the potential to achieve the top grades, but need extra guidance and encouragement to translate this potential into grades and results? 

Achieving the top grades in English can sometimes feel elusive and overwhelming for students, since there is no single formula for securing these grades. There are a number of different approaches that can gain students a Grade Eight or Nine and it is about developing a mature and sophisticated style of analysis. The important thing is that students create their own interpretations of the texts, and have the confidence to produce deeper and more perceptive readings. 

My free online workshop this half term will address these questions that students often have, and show them some tips and techniques for extending their answers further and creating more depth and sophistication. The session is led by a qualified secondary English teacher and tutor with experience in guiding students towards these top results. The Zoom workshop will be fully interactive and students will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback on their work and ideas. 

All students who register will receive a workbook and those who attend the live session will also receive  a certificate of completion. Whilst students will benefit most if they are able to attend live, the session will also be recorded and available afterwards, as I know sometimes life gets in the way. This session is most suited to students who are in Year Nine, Ten and Eleven, although younger students seeking a challenge are also welcome. 

To register your child, visit