A Christmas Carol Online Course

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Are you looking for an interactive online learning/revision course to help your child flourish in the English Literature examination? 

Do you want high-quality learning material that will both support and challenge your child? 

Would you like your child to have access to feedback from a qualified and experienced secondary English teacher? 

Would you like to be able to track your child’s progress and learning in English? 


Then you need the latest offering from Bright Sky Tutoring –  my new nine week online course designed for students taking the AQA English Literature GCSE 


What is included? 

  • Nine pre-recorded lessons, focusing on the main themes and characters of the novel. Each lesson also covers historical context and language/form/structure, in line with the AQA English Literature examination.
  • A quiz to accompany each lesson, including a longer question for assessment
  • Marking and feedback from a qualified teacher 
  • Access to a bank of past paper questions for revision 
  • The Literature Surgery – a live Q and A session 


Who is it suitable for? 

  • Any student who is studying this text for GCSE English Literature (AQA syllabus) 
  • Students who are about to study/in the middle of studying this text and would like additional help and guidance or to gain a valuable head start 
  • Students who would like to follow a detailed revision programme, breaking down each section of the text and highlighting the skills and knowledge required for the examination
  • Students who struggle with independent study and would benefit from a structured series of lessons to support 
  • Students who require further support and guidance, and would benefit from individual feedback on their work 

Love the idea but not studying A Christmas Carol? 

Stay tuned – more online courses are in production and will be on the way soon 

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