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Lit Wiz Free online lessons


lt is (almost) time to deck the halls and get in the mood for fun and festivities. However, for Key Stage Four students, the reality is that January often means another round of mock examinations. Plus, the final GCSE examinations always feel that bit closer on the other side of Christmas, so for many Key Stage Four students, there is still a lot of important work to be done.  

However, this is no reason to get downhearted! As it is the season of giving, I am offering a free resource for students that will help them ace their literature examination preparation. From 1st to 10th December, students can access a series of free literature online mini lessons, accompanied by a PDF worksheet. 

Each session will address a set text from the GCSE English Literature syllabus, covering a key topic/character and providing suggestions that will enable students to develop their own interpretations further. The lessons and materials will be available via the website learner management system, which means that once students have registered, they will have lifetime access and can return to the sessions whenever they wish. The topics covered will be: 


An Inspector Calls context 

Jekyll and Hyde Id and Ego 

Lord of the Flies 

A Christmas Carol themes 

Power and Conflict poetry

Love and Relationships poetry 

Macbeth Lady Macbeth 

Unseen Poetry 


The Lit Wiz will only be available from 1st to 10th December, so do not delay.

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