The Bright Sky Tutoring LMS – Online GCSE English Language Programme

Would you like to see your child shine in GCSE English? 

Students sometimes struggle to fulfil their potential in English due to a lack of confidence in their abilities and the core skills that underpin GCSE. It can make him/her feel demotivated, disengaged and develop a belief that they cannot “do” English and will not succeed. 

But this is not true! With guidance and support, your child can: 

  • Learn how to decode and unpick the examination questions
  • Plan and structure successful examination responses and creative pieces
  • Identify ways in which answers can be extended and developed 
  • Find the areas of English that inspire them and ignite their enthusiasm 

To support students, I am launching a new GCSE English Language group class, which contains everything your child needs to build their confidence and ignite their spark in GCSE English. For £48 a month, your child will receive:

  • A detailed programme of study in line with the GCSE English Language syllabus 
  • A weekly group lesson Monday 7.15 pm (term time only)
  • Access to a new English Language pre-recorded video lesson each week
  • Quizzes and assignments to check progress and understanding
  • Marking and feedback from a qualified English tutor
  • A weekly email to remind you and your child of the classes and topics coming up each week
  • A study log where students can record their own areas for focus and improvement 

When will it start?

The first pre recorded material will be released on September 1st, with the first live class taking place on 6th September. 

Who is it for?

Students in Yr 9, 10 and 11 who are studying for GCSE English Language. This programme will support any student who is looking for more direction and guidance with their English studies, and would like to explore topics in more depth. If your child would like to build upon their school work, or is studying independently for the English qualification, this programme will help him/her to succeed.

Why choose this programme?

Students will receive advice and teaching from a qualified secondary English teacher, as well as benefiting from feedback and guidance on their work. The lessons are engaging and interactive, and your child can work through at a pace that is right for them.

Who created it?

The Bright Sky Tutoring LMS is created by Jo Broadey, a qualified and experienced secondary English teacher, with over ten years of classroom and tutoring experience. 

How do I register? 

To see the topics covered each week in the programme, click here

To purchase classes click on the links below. Please note content will not be released until the dates given:

Month One September Content released Wednesday 1st September

Month Two October Content released Tuesday 28th September

Month Three November Content released Tuesday 19th October

Month Four December Content released Tuesday 23rd November

Month Five January Content released Tuesday 14th December

Month Six February Content released Tuesday 1st February

Month Seven March Content released Tuesday 1st March

What about English Literature? 

For more support with AQA GCSE English Literature, make sure you purchase the Literature Pass (available to purchase now – new courses being added all the time). A one-off fee of £30 gets you: 

  • Access to a range of English Literature self-study courses (pre-recorded video lessons, quizzes, assignments, marking and feedback)

To purchase a literature pass, click here.